When relocating or buying a new home, there is one thing that most people dread: moving day. While it can indeed be a hectic day, planning your move weeks in advantage can make things much smoother.


Strip bedding and put into a “load last” box. Unplug all appliances, leaving cords clearly visible. If you haven’t done so already, defrost your refrigerator and freezer, leaving the doors open.

Keep packed boxes in a room close to the door but out of the way. Survey for any obstacles that could block carried furniture such as railing or fence gates. Place non-slip rugs in any high traffic areas that could be potentially dangerous.

Your family pet should be confined, or better yet, left with a friend. Even the nicest of animals will find a way to be dangerously underfoot. You may also want to leave small children with a friend or sitter during the bustle of the move itself.

Whether you’re using professional movers or just your friends, make sure that everyone is comfortable and hydrated. If it is a hot day, provide lots of old beverages and snacks. On cold days offer hot chocolate and coffee. Ordering pizza for lunch is a nice way to show everyone you appreciate all the hard work.

Keep the moving truck from blocking other driveways, and make sure not to walk through your neighbor’s lawn or flowerbeds. Move during the day time to avoid disturbing the neighbors

When using professional movers, ask any remaining questions, finalize all contact information, and sign both the bill of lading and inventory sheet after careful review. Go over the destination address and projected route, as well as expected travel time.


The Richmond region is a dynamic collaboration between the city of Richmond and four counties, Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and New Kent. This partnership illustrates the creative impulses that course through the region. In a few short minutes you can go from bustling downtown streets to rolling hills on farms or gorgeous trails in state parks, wineries or world-class shopping. With sports facilities, meeting space, restaurants, oh the restaurants, across the region, you’re never far from something fun, and delicious, in the Richmond region. We’ve also got something of a budding craft beer scene, if you can consider over 15 breweries budding.




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